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Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I'm a newbie to the RC world so apologies if I am missing something obvious!

I recently got my hands on a Gaui 500x Quad kit along with JR XG8 controller and have been building it up to get it running. After completing the assembly and doing my best to setup the controller (which I think is all correct) I still cannot get the heli in the air.

The with the heli powered up it makes the initial beeps and then 4 continual beeps from each rotor. The handset is powered up and the receiver also lights up on the heli.

The only possible issue I can see is that there is no light (red or green) appearing on the GU-344 unit? I think there should be one appearing?

I'd much appreciate any help you guys could give me on this as I'm desperate to get going with it!


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The continuous beeps from the ESC's and the missing LED on the GU-344 suggest that your cable orientations are wrong. If you need more help then post clear closeup photos that show the GU-344's cable installation from the four ESC's and the GU-344's cables plugged into the R/C Rx.

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