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Hi there,

I have totally rebuilt a Gaui 500X: better motors, ESCs and a TMF Pro controller. All the original Gaui electronics have been replaced.

This is the first time I am using Gaui LEDs - simple pairs, not enormous strips. They are simply to show the rear of the machine but where on earth do I connect them for power? They terminate in a normal 3-pin plug. I have spare channels on the TMF or BATT on the RX unit.

Any clues/correct answer would be gratefully recieved.


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Never used them, but I would expect that they plug into a spare channel of a R/C Rx. They appear to be remote activated, so test them on a spare or shared channel to see if they respond to Tx stick/switch position.

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Late commenting...

I'm putting those Gaui LEDs on my 500x, and the module on them is triggered by the RX output-- they are "Off" at a pulse width of 1000 uS, blink at several Hz at a 1500 uS pulse width and are full on a 2000 uS pulse width. I'm going to operate mine from the Throttle channel, either from a Y-connector of a mix to an unused channel. They are quite bright and should provide useful orientation.


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