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I managed to pull off the white connector attached on the PCB of my LM 500mw 2.4GHz Tx.

Although i re-soldered 3 out of 4 wires back the 4th (Audio-Telemetry) wire has no solder pad left on the PCB to re-solder.

So i am asking for any schematic of the PCB so as to find the next accesible soldering point for the Audio wire.

Just to spare you of the trouble asking i have alreadytried:

1. All near-by components for continuity with the Audio pad but the fact that there is no soldering pad left is making it impossible.

2. Scratching the PCB surface all around the Audio pad but the copper emerging is GND.

3. Googling for the TX schematic wit no luck.

So any help is welcome


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If there is any residue solder or copper via material remaining in the wire's hole then use a sewing needle to make contact with it. This will allow you to check for continuity to ALL the other components. Hopefully this trick will help you find an alternate place to solder to.

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