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Help choosing equipment for Wireless Gopro Hero 2 video

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Hello people,

I have been googling around for hours and are now dizzy - I need your guys help.

All I want is to have HD video footage from my Gopro Hero 2 transferred wirelessly and to show it on my computer.

Can you guys PLEASE advice me as to what equipment to buy?

Thanks for a great forum!

Kind Regards,


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Taking a shot in the dark here as I have not yet touched a GoPro ... but if it uses an SD card - then solution is very simple and quite effective. Get an EyeFi SD card and and it will transmitt your video and pictures wirelessly to your phone, your pc, and any number of internet sites. They have both IPhone and Android apps as well.

The only limitation at this time is the max size card is 8gb. They are working on 16 and 32gb cards - but it will be a while.

I use one in my cameras and it is a hoot to shoot and watch the pictures pop up on my PC.



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