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Heathkit Closes Up Shop

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Despite the recent announcements that they were re-entering the ham radio kit business, Heathkit has run out of money and closed its doors. Details:


My first introduction to Heathkit was when a schoolmate received a shortwave radio kit for his birthday. It was a massive metal box with cool knobs. The thought of building such things was (and still is) a marvel to me.

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I guess this is fairly typical of a lot of things these days where we have become mostly 'consumers' and there is little interest or fascination in 'looking inside' or making something for yourself.

One inspirational idea that may change some of that way of thinking and actively encourage the younger generation is the Raspberry Pi.


The hope is that the schools will take up the idea (as it's so cheap) and encourage kids to delve into things and bolt on peripherals to actually make something for themselves instead of just 'consuming' and buying a finished product.

Doesn't help Heathkit though :(


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I loved making my own radio gear when I was about 12 - 16. Started with a crystal set and a very long wire out my bedroom window, added a one transistor audio amp and was well happy.

Soon started making transmitters from a book called how to make simple walkie talkies. The joy of talking to people on cb with my one transistor crystal osc modulated by a transformer and all running from a pp3 will stay with me for ever :)


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