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I'm looking for some help on how to build a shutter trigger for my T2i camera.

I would like it to do the auto focus and fire the shutter all from my Tx radio.

I know a few places on the web sell them but I would like to build my own.

I'm a bit of a DIY'er and I would like to have it built by the 6/13.

I'm not looking to mod out the camera or just hook up a servo to the camera.

I know they can be built cheap. I have a friend in Hawaii who built one for around $10.00 in parts.

My friends currently in the hospital with part of his skull removed after suffering a major stroke.

Some of you may know our fellow R/C'er that I am talking about. Lets wish him and his family the best!

If you have any pics, diagrams, or details then that would be GREAT.

I did look for other posts before posting but I didn't find any? If I am reposting an already answered post then I am sorry.

I do have a couple pics he sent me before his stroke. We never got a chance to go over how he did it.

Thanks everyone.



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Not sure exactly what you are looking for but about 10 years ago I made a PIC servo driver that connected to my RX. I had a servo that pushed the button on the camera with the PIC driving it to 3 positions and the 3 positions were set by 3 tiny pots on the pic.

When the button on the TX was pushed the servo would trigger the shutter, then release, then go to focus position and wait again.


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Thanks for the information. Yes, I have done the servo modification with set values as well.

What I am looking for here is a way to hook-up a 2.5mm stereo plug to the camera remote plug. The stereo plug becomes the remote from the camera. The tip is shutter, the ring is focus, and the end ring (2nd or 3rd depending how you look at it) is the ground. Basically you have to close, open, and connect the circuit. This is done using your Rx. Say 50% stick is focus (half press), 75% stick triggers the shutter (full press). This can also be done with a 3 way switch instead of stick movement on your transmitter.

I just cant figure out how to make the switch without feeding live RX power to the camera? Or do I need to feed a little power (3.3V) to the camera?

I've always figured if they can build it, I can build it cheaper and better! I'm just having a rough go at it with this project. I'm also trying to do it with local parts I would find at my local electronics store.

Thanks again Terry,


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Hmm if you know the contacts and all is needed is to ground them, I'd have something ready - but it uses a PIC microcontroller, for which you'd need a programmer,...

It might be a little steep for a one-time use, plus you wouldn't have done much yourself except flashing a microcontroller with an existing ready-made program :)

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I think testing the voltages from the contacts of your 2.5mm plug is the next step. As Kilrah says you may just need to ground them using a transistor. You could use tiny relays if your worried about voltage killing your camera.


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