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Parachute for recovery system

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It's my first thread in rc-cam.

I was an r/c modeler and know I interested in UAVs.

I like to make my first drone, but befor that, I need some informations, I want to remove landing gears and use parachute instead.

But I have no information about this type of recovery system, may I ask you to help/guide me?

I want to about its calculations and how to make it.

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I had a play with adding a parachute to my Twinstar 1 some years back but gave up on the idea. Even a large chute of 5ft diameter came down at a fast rate.

I wanted it as a failsafe but never used it in anger Im glad to say, it probably would of landed in a tree with my luck. When auto return became possible I just dumped the idea.

I know some military UAVs use chutes but most also use an airbag to soften the landing too.

I use skids on all my planes now as roll out on landing is short and in the air drag is low.

On 2 occasions in the past when I have used a small area for take off I have flown into a bush as a safer way to bring my camera back down to earth, both times only minor digs to the foam was the worst damage.


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