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Broadcast video over the internet-need a device

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I am looking for a device that does the following:

Given a video output from a device (in this case it is a wireless baby monitor), no video out on the camera but video out on the remote unit), say RCA, HDMI, Composite signal, etc, I would like to wirelessly sent this video out over the internet. I don't mind if this device has a short cable that connects to the baby monitor and then sends the video. I am not looking to send the video just across the room or short distance, but rather to have a video router. We already have WiFi in our house, so no problem there. Can someone please point me in the right direction for a device?

Thanks so much


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There are several different devices on the market that can do this. For example:



However, a better solution would be to replace your existing baby monitor with a consumer type IP security camera. There's plenty of those on the market and they will have more features, at about the same cost as the adapter.

For example:


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