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Hi all,

I've been very interested in FPV since 2010 but I never had the motivation to go and start. I finally have scraped together the money and chosen some components. I'd like to know if the parts are decent, and difficulty of connecting this setup to my laptop.

Camera, Transmitter, And Receiver:

RC Car

I don't know if i'm missing something, so please do tell me if I am

Thank you very much,


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1. If your R/C system is 2.4GHz then avoid using 2.4GHz for your video link. Instead, consider using a 900Mhz or 1.2/1.3GHz video link.

2. If you must use a laptop then you will need a USB composite video capture adapter (available from computer retailers).

Laptops are not popular choices as the primary viewing monitor. If you decide to use a dedicated monitor then check this discussion on models that are suitable for FPV:


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