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For Sale: Micro Sized 1280MHz / 50mW A/V Transmitters

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EDIT / Update: SOLD OUT, no longer available.

I have some micro-sized 1280MHz 50mW video transmitters for sale. Price is $28 USD each. Deliveries outside the USA please add +$6 per order for international shipping. PayPal accepted, please use forum PM to arrange payment.

This transmitter is tiny, only 0.6 x 0.7 inches (15 x 18 mm). The photo below shows a Futaba Servo Plug as a reference to the Tx's small size. Weight is only 3.3 grams, *including* the integrated dipole antenna. Due to its small size and weight, it does not have a case and doesn't support audio sound.

It operates on 5VDC (@125mA) so a common R/C BEC can be used to power it. The 3-wire cable has a Molex PicoBlade style 4-pin plug. Digi-Key sells the mating 4-pin receptacle, #WM7622CT (not included). For lowest weight you can omit the connector and hard wire it your video camera and 5V power.

The Tx is a crystal controlled Phase Lock Loop (PLL) design, so the fixed 1280MHz frequency is very stable/accurate. I've tested each of them on a spectrum analyzer and the video has been calibrated for accurate 1Vpp levels.

If you need a 1280MHz wireless video Tx for your tiny indoor or backyard R/C model then this is a very cool solution.


Wiring Information:
Black: Common ground (video and power).
Red: +5VDC (4.8VDC to 5.2VDC).
Yellow: Composite video signal, NTSC or PAL.


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Sold Out!
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