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NOT the way to operate your OCTO

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  • 1 year later...

That story is a few months old and made headlines because the pilot claimed the model's control link was "hacked." The pilot also claimed that the runner was not hit, but overreacted to the model being near her (this account has been disputed by witness accounts). It seems that things like this are always someone else's fault.

FWIW, it's one of the few controversial "drone" stories I've seen that did not involve a DJI Phantom. It was a DJI Hex Flame Wheel (or a clone of one).

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Like all modern news, the story went cold after a few days of making headlines everywhere. But I found a recent article about it:



Back in 2013 the pilot was in a positive news story:


What a contrast -- It is sad to see him make a poor choice and undermine our hobby's good will by flying above the people at the triathlon event. He was obviously flying for commercial purposes, but the negative news harms hobby sUAV pilots too.

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Ahh well found. I still look at multirotors and think they are an accident waiting to happen!

I dont know why so many people think they would make a good business. It was hard before but now the market place is flooded.


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