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applying the servo-tester to a gyro-servo combination

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Hello everyone, I saw an interesting article on a web page of this forum's site on a servo-tester, and I am wondering if it will work with a gyro/servo combination eliminating the receiver/transmitter.

I am trying to build a gizmo that requires a gyro (using the theEflite G210HL) to sense the position of the hand and will activate a servo (using the Futaba S9257) when the hand moves. I have all the parts incuding a 4.8 volt battery pack but it is not working, The gyro is flashing a red light which indicates something is out of whack. So I was searching on the internet for a solution and found this site.

I suspected that receiver might be required to run this setup either connecting to the gyro or the receiver. The servo connects to the gyro and has no extra connectors, the gyro has one extra connector (1 wire) that would go to the receiver.

Do you think that the servo-tester will provide the signal that the gyro needs?



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