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Lithium Batteries

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3.8V??? Seems weird.... I've only seen and heard about 3.6 and 3.7V ones...

They are very close, but Li-Ion have a solid housing. Charging and discharging rules are the same.

I have an indoor plane that came with a 7.4V 2 cell Li-Ion pack, and it works perfectly. The main question would be if the phone's cells can handle the discharge rate or not. I would perform a few discharge tests in a protected area with increasing rates, to be sure they won't explode in the plane....

I also have such cells, but unfortunately they are all different so it's hard to make a pack. I just have 2 identical 1600mAh 3.6V Li-ion from cell phones, but they are so old that they are twice as big and heavy as my 1800mAh pack. Unusable in a small plane, so I use them to power my DV camera :P

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