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Land mines for cats

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This will be as off topic and weird as they come.

So, everybody that has a cat has problems with them getting up on counters and there's lots of gadgets you can get to try to shoo them away like audio alarms and even propellent dispensers.

I'm not NEARLY as proficient electronically as you guys. For exapmle, I was able to build myself a DIY solar system calculating load, voltage drop, conductors and so forth but ohms law is about as technical as I've got in the past.

I've has this idea kicking around in the back of my head for quite some time but am unsure about some things. How big a capacotor in your guys estimation, would be adequate to act as land mines for cats getting on the counter? They are reletively cheap and all you would have to do, if they kept a charge for at least a little while, would be to charge them up and toss them on the countertop. You could place them where you don't want your cat to go and after awhile, you probaly wouldn't even have to charge them up. Then you could rtemove them altogether after that cat learns it's an unfriendly place.

Hairbrain idea? Yes, but I think it would work and be lots cheaper than the $40 gadgets that aren't all that effective. Thanks

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Cats would just avoid touching them, they would still go up there. As far as shocks go I have had many from playing with valve/tube gear and can tell you a tiny capacitor will give you a good kick if charged to a high voltage. I suggest you try them on yourself raising the voltage a little each time ;)

The best deterrent for a cat is a slippery surface!


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