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Check out AD1. Let me know what you guys think?

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This is a folding carbon fiber quadcopter with integrated gimbal system (PNP). Let me know what you guys think. We are still in the process of making some sample flight videos.

Airframe + Full Gimbal System(motor x2 + control board + IMU)
Airframe made out of 1.5mm board.
16mm round tubes x4
16mm round tube clamps & motor mounts,
2 axis brushless gimbal in the front designed for Gopro 3 only. (come with 2 brushless motors, control board & IMU installed)
Gimbal motor GM2208-80 x2,
Top transparency protection cover made out of 1mm polycarbonate,
Front Lens cover made out of 1mm bulet polycarbonate,
Motor to motor 590mm (CG still in the x center, same as standard quadcopter),
Total Flying weight about 1830g (included GoPro, GPS & 4S 5000mah)
Frame Opened: length: 435mm,wide: 530mm,height: 105mm
After Folded (without props): length: 510mm,wide: 185mm,height: 105mm
After Folded (with props): 590mm,wide:185mm,height:105mm


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