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I'm always on the lookout for lighweight, high-quality digital cams for RC work. The other day I bought a Mobius ActionCam ( Mobius ActionCam ) and the quality is good, although there is bit more barrel lens distortion than I like.

What can we use to activate the shutter on this camera? I don't think that there is a way to reach into the USB port to do this. I'm thinking something on the order of a Shutterbug wired in to trip the shutter switch.

What light and reliable connectors are available for the camera->Shutterbug connection? My (ludditic) first thought is a pair of JST connectors. Or maybe the small inline connectors used with some LED lighting systems (or micro/nano servos), but I don't know how those would fare under long-term use.

Still working on a couple of 350- and 500-size quadcopters, and am enjoying the new challenge...


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A JST/BEC power plug would work fine to connect your digital camera to the ShutterBug. But power connectors are not my usual choice for general purpose use because there's a chance that I might get careless and accidentally install a battery where it does not belong. A servo plug does not eliminate that kind of mistake, but the results when it happens are usually less spectactular. :)

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