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Scale boat freak has LOTS of questions!

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First I have a Lot of room(48 inch hull) a lot of weight allowance(up to 8 pounds for the tv gear, and there is all sorts of voltages avilable) and don't need much range (200 yards) I have a ccd board camera and a whole bunch of ATV gear for the wrong frequencies!

My eyes are getting worse so I cannot do SMALL stuff any more. so what I need is: A ntsc tranmitter in the 2.4 gig amatuer band, and a recever to match, I need antennas (Tx to "blend in" with the scale boat)

I'm using 6 meter R/c

Eventually I'd like to add a "head mounted" display to the reciever (should make Navigation tests a cinch)but THOSE are expensive!

The question is:

is someone building an Tx/rx pair 0n that band that does not require me to TRY to work with SMT pieces?

I'm Not rich, but with what is allready in this boat, what a little more?

So give me your thoughts, high dollar, or low dollar I don't care ,I just want to hear 'em.

And thanks for your time!

de Dave Kc6old

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With only a 200-yard range requirement you shouldn’t have much trouble finding something that will work.

The BlackWidowAV.com stuff is great it’s very light weight and requires a HAM license but the only thing you would need to solder are the wires to the camera and battery.

You may not even need to do that, some of his systems come with an RCA adaptor for the video and audio transmitter.

Another option is (after all you’re on the RC-CAM web site!), One of the RC-CAM X-Cam conversions. I flew a Radio Shack video sender for a year that was nothing but a X-Cam and it worked great at the range you are talking about using the stock antennas. I’m pretty sure Radio Shack has the latest model on sale for around $79.00.

A scale antenna for the boat (TX) side could be as simple as removing the included patch antenna from the transmitter and folding back the coax shielding on the antenna feed wire to create a ¼ wave dipole.

I can’t find the link for the folded over shield dipole but Mr. RC-CAM may chime in with a link if your lucky. Otherwise look around on his site for about everything you could ever think of on the subject!

If you go with the BlackWidow system you can buy an SMA connector and do the same dipole trick using something like RG174, that’s what I’m doing on my current plane.

Good Luck!

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