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Thank goodness for the price tag since we don't need more random drone sightings from "them." Not saying I'm a fan, but the price tag seems amazing to me.

Given DJI's history of problems, I wonder if it works as great as they claim. Even if I wanted one, I would wait 6 months to let everyone else to find the bugs!

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To be fair the price is ok for what you get but its a lot of money to risk if its not bug free. I always wait longer than 6 months, I find the best time is to buy stuff just as the new model comes out. The product has reached the peak of its performance and the price is dropped too :)


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Here's a DiY 3D printed Quadcopter project that is inspired by the DJI Inspire:


The plans are not free (about $7 USD). But given amount of the time put into the printed parts' design it is a very good deal.

Besides the forum at the designer's site, here's another useful build discussion on it:



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In a way, the pricetag is a positive aspect. First, there may be fewer events of someone with more money than sense just going out and buying one. Fewer, but not -zero-. And, having seen the insides of a Phantom Menace class of quad, here's hoping that the sticker price justifies the engineering.


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