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SoloShot -- Antenna Tracker Idea

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The SoloShot is an automated follow-me camera robot that sells for about $300 USD. The mobile side carries a little GPS device and the stationary tripod mount has a pan head for camera movement. It allows 360 degree continuous panning and can track things going up to 140MPH. There is a new version called SoloShot2 that has added motorized tilt (150 degree range), but the original had fixed-position tilt.

Watching it work makes me think it could easily be re-purposed as an antenna tracker. No modifications would be needed, just mount the vRX and antenna on it. But avoid 360 rotations or your monitor will get reeled in like a fish. :)

FWIW, I've had several Phantom "drone" owners ask me about a antenna tracker and this seems like a practical solution. Operating range is 2000 feet, so it would be fine for a typical Phantom user. But I expect that changing its stock dipole with a higher gain antenna will allow much longer distances.

It was a kickstarter crowd funded project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590403900/soloshot-go-film-yourself-automatically

Here's a video of the new version with pan/tilt:

Here's a video that shows it following a R/C model:

Plenty more examples are shown here: http://www.soloshot.com/videos/

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