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Voltera V-One Circuit Board Printer

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3D printers step aside. A new startup showed off their PCB printer at the CES 2015 show in Las Vegas this week. Like a 3D printer, it builds the project using motorized 3-axis mechanics.


It's not a CNC mill that carves out circuit traces on sheets of copper laminated FR4. Instead it prints the PCB circuitry on a bare panel using conductive "ink." Multiple layers are supported using a novel insulating layer between overlapping conductors. It can also apply the solder paste and hot plate reflow the board!

Voltera is going to use kickstarter for funding. Intro price is $1499 USD. Perhaps too expensive for casual hobbyists. But a bargain for a small business and a cool tool for the serious DiY in the maker community.

Here's their web site:


More info is found here, with a demo video from CES 2015:


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I have been expecting something like this but my worry is that the boards are not going to be reliable. I wonder if the thin tracks will break inside over time giving confusing faults?


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Yes, there are a lot of unknowns. BTW, I don't see a drill and all their examples are 100% SMD. It appears that thru-hole components would need to be avoided.

I'm hoping these things work well and prices quickly drop like what we saw with the 3D printer market. A PCB printer under $500 would be a killer deal.

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Hmm. I visited the Voltera website today and the price has been pushed up to $2200 USD. Plus, the release date is now "2016."  Not a good sign.

From my observations, Kickstarter (and other crowd funding sites) attract a lot of vaporware and half-baked ideas. When you fund a campaign advertised there it is probably best to treat it like playing the slots at Las Vegas.



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