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Video transmitting from a remote controlled boat

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Hi there
I'm based in the uk but have been reading a lot of forms on different questions people have asked and you guys really know your stuff and whited to know if you could help me with my small project.
I have got a remote control boat that I use for fishing and want to install a video camera and reciver to the boat to transmit a live video feed back the a reciver on the bank to view on a screen as it moves along as I would like to see what is on the bottom of the lake.
The camera will be mounted 2inchs below the surface of the water on the boat and the receiver can be mounted on the top of the boat above the water.
The boat is powered by two 6v batteries and can hold around 4KG of extra weight so I have no restrictions on the weight of the kit used. I need this to send a clear picture back at a range of 700ft across the water.
I think the hardest bit is going to find a camera that can show a very good image through the water to a depth of around 6 feet as the water may not be clear.
Please let me know your thoughts as I don't know what kit would be best or were to start with this.
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