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Aiptek in the air today!

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Well, after running our club's fun fly today I strapped my Aiptek on the bottom of a Kadet wing. I was excited to finally try it out in the air. It worked great! I took 38 photos on the first flight. I'll attach a compressed one here. I had a few with a 'wave' distortion in the photo, but I'm sure it was probably from some harmonic at certain speeds. Interesting effect! The majority were good photos with a few great ones due to centered subjects. I had quite a bit of drag with it on the Kadet; I think I'll mount the cam in a glider or wing and use it that way.

Thanks for sharing these projects with us. I'm going to have some fun with this one (and I am going to put it on a kite too!). (and I've ordered the parts for a nav/strobe project too! I'll put that together after Oshkosh!)



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Like you I've just completed a CamMan project but have not had the same level of success in terms of picture quality.

Just wondered if you had any special mounting method to combat vibration. Please see my new posting.


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