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Hotmail email accounts, IP Block. READ ME BEFORE REGISTERING.

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Attention new members: If you register with a hotmail email account your registration may fail. That is because Hotmail recently banned this site's IP address.  The only way to fix this is for YOU to contact Hotmail and ask them to remove IP address from their block list. Or, use a non-hotmail email address when you register.

Hopefully Hotmail fixes this soon. But for now please be aware of this issue.

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July-3-2016 Update: It has taken a lot of effort but Hotmail has finally agreed to unblock the forum's IP. This will take a few days before emails to hotmail accounts will begin to work again. Any further spam spam reports to hotmail will result in immediate blocks to emails sent from rc-cam.com.

Mind you, this site NEVER sends spam. Users are not allowed to use the forum to directly send email either. So it is a mystery that our IP was blocked.

My best guess is that the block was due to a lazy member that no longer wanted to receive notifications to their subscribed/followed posts. If this is YOU, then stop what you are doing. Instead, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR FOLLOWED POST SUBSCRIPTIONS if you no longer want to receive the notifications. Never report any rc-cam notification to your email provider since they are NOT spam. These emails are only sent because YOU (I repeat YOU) have requested them.

- Thomas

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