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Feeling a bit paranoid, but has anyone else noticed that duck tape (usually grey, sometimes white, black, other colours) has changed in the last 18 months?

Whether it was brand-name 'Duck Tape' or numerous lookalikes, it used to:

1. have clear fibre strengthening

2. would only occasionally 'lift' after putting in place

3. if you let the sticky side touch itself before placement, you had to throw it away, as the adhesion strength was almost as strong as the tape itself.


All that has now changed. I have bought several different varieties over recent months, 'Duck Tape' and grey brands, and it now seems to:

1. have lost much of its fibre strengthening, acquiring tiny perforations across its width to assist tearing

2. invariably lifts off the surfaces on which it was placed if left for a few hours

3. if you let the sticky sides touch, it is now very possible to pull the sticky bits apart.


I'm not that bothered about 1., but duck tape used to hold the world together, because it used to stick, as my brother would say, "like sh*t to a blanket". 

Now, thanks to behaviour 2., it is suddenly almost useless, unless one can repeatedly check and re-apply it.

(As I mention above, point 3. seems to me the best objective test for 'old vs. new')


I may just be unlucky with my local supplies. It might be global warming, although I used to know the difference between summer and winter use especially with regard to 2., and I am now sure it's changed.

Fashioning a tinfoil hat as I type.... 


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