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5.8GHz SpiroNet Patch Antenna, +13dBi RHCP

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Not that I'm going to start building or flying anything just now but my mind was free wheeling to what was going to be my next auto tracker. Just out of interest has anyone done any field testing of the SpiroNet 5.8Ghz RHCP Patches? Are they good at rejecting linear signals? What is the real world increase in range compared to an omni?


Thanks, Terry

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No practical field testing to share on the IRC +13dB CP Patch regarding its ability to reject LP. Keep in mind that rejection of LP signals received on a CP antenna is about -3dB or less (on a good CP antenna design).

Compared to a typical Skew Planar Wheel ("Cloverleaf") type omni CP, the +13dBI patch will give much more range. I estimate at least 3X.

My RF field strength testing shows that it has +4dB more gain than the economy CP patch you previously used (dpcav 5.8GHz CP patch). But it has about half the beamwidth.


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Thanks for that. I dont know why I had forgotten it was a 3db loss considering I built and used a helical back in the 2.4Ghz days. I may buy one (or two) to test as CP seems the norm these days. I did dust off my old Twinstar biplane the other day and it seems to have got me thinking....



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