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Hi there,

I recently bought a 2.4GHz booster (amplifier) for my Flysky FS-T6 which has one antenna.  Looking now at the newer Flysky transmitters like the Flysky FS-T6 & Flysky FS-T6S I notice they have two antennas.  Will a single booster work with a dual antenna transmitter?  Can I attach it to just one antenna, leaving the other un-amplified?

Booster (amplifier) link:



If not, will this also work as a second booster?



Thanks very much in advance

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It does not seem likely that both radio (handheld controller) antennas are used for transmitting. I would expect that the dual aerials are for diversity receive of the model's telemetry data, while only one is used to transmit R/C servo data.

You could prove this by shielding (or removing) one antenna and checking R/C range. Then shield the other antenna and repeat the test. If only one antenna is affected then that's the only one that is used for transmit.


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