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GPS modules

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I have just got a FY31 autopilot and a Remzibi OSD to get my old camera plane back in the air and I notice both use a huge 30mm square GPS module. Why the switch from the little modules that were used before? These are so heavy I would be interested to know what the advantage is.



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The 30mm sized GPS modules with integrated patch antennas have been around for several years. They are typically lower cost than the latest micro sized modules. So I suspect the reason for the "big" sized GPS you received is to keep autopilot / OSD system cost as low as possible.

Keep in mind that a 30mm module's larger integrated patch antenna is more optimal size for RF gain and beamwidth. Compared to the much smaller modules, I believe that the larger antenna can have up to a +6dB advantage.

The extra antenna gain can be used with a cheap (lower performing) GPS chip set to keep cost low. On the other hand, it can also be used to create a very high performance GPS module if the higher antenna gain is paired with a more expensive (higher performing) GPS chip set.

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I wonder which I have, I expect it's the low cost version rather than the high performance version.

See first paragraph in my earlier reply. :)


do you think it would be possible to to connect both devices to the one module?

That is possible. All that is required is that both devices must be able to use the same GPS NMEA settings. Also, if both devices have RS232 TxD signal connections to the GPS then only one TxD signal is connected (leave other one unused). Of course both RxD signals would be connected together (shared).


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