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Eachine EB185 3D Printed Upgrades

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A few weeks ago (Oct 2016) I purchased the Eachine EB185 mini Racing Drone from Banggood. The ARF version was on sale for under $100US, so not a bad deal.



I don't recommend it as a beginner drone because it needs some tweaks out of the box. If you are comfortable with Cleanflight then you'll have no problem setting it up. It's a fun model to fly and the built-in FPV video gear works well. But keep in mind that the camera is a low-end 5V CMOS type (easily upgraded if you don't like it).

Right away I hated some things about this model's design. The battery is a pain to install; If not perfectly centered it can hit the props (not a good thing!). Likewise, the SMA connector for the FPV antenna is unprotected and seems vulnerable to breakage.

Fixing the shortcomings was a matter of custom designing some 3D printed parts. After an afternoon of CAD work four parts were created. See photo:



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The new 3D printed parts install as shown below:


I replaced the stock "belt buckle" battery strap with a generic Velcro strap that works better. It was routed through the chassis so that it came out the side slots rather than at the top.

The Battery Tray is centered over the four cap head screws. A couple drops of flexible adhesive keeps it from falling off when the battery is taken out of the model. But even without the adhesive it stays in place when the battery is installed.

The Battery Lock slides over the rear aluminum post. The battery's XT60 plug locks it in place during flight. Plus, no need to use Velcro on the battery, so 3S pack installation in the tight battery space is easier.



Note how the battery's plug is routed between the two aluminum standoffs. This keeps its big silicone wires out of the way of the locking mechanism. When locked, both the pack and its wire leads are protected from the nearby prop.



The SMA Protector is held by the two screws on the bottom of the model. It provides some crash protection and also prevents the Cloverleaf antenna from clocking over (no more antenna / blade strikes).



By the way, the red tubing (martian ears) used on the Rx antenna mount came from an aerosol can. It had the perfect inside diameter hole for my FrSky Rx's dual coaxial antenna elements.


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Here's the STL files to all parts:

Battery Tray: eb185_bat_holder1.stl

Battery Lock: eb185_bat_clip1.stl

SMA Protector: eb185_sma_clip1.stl

Rx Antenna Mount: eb185_rx_ant_mtg1.stl

I printed the parts in ABS with 35% infill and four shell layers. To account for ABS shrinkage all STL files must be rescaled to 101%. Or use the shrinkage factor that matches your filament.

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