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Eachine ProDVR V1.6 Black Screen Fix

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Good news! The Eachine ProDVR V1.6 board's nasty black screen (weak signal blackout) problem can be fixed. The bad news is that the fix requires SMD rework soldering tools and experienced hands.


The solution requires removing the shanzhai Chinese Video Decoder IC (marked GM7150BC) and replacing it with the official TI part (marked TVP5150).

But wait! Before you do that there may be a simpler solution. The latest rumors (Jan 2017) suggest that banggood has sold all their stock of the V1.6 hardware (with black screen) and are back to selling the old V1.4 that does not black screen. Don't yell at me if its not true -- do some research and decide for yourself.

Ok, so you want to roll up your sleeves and do the DiY chip fix. Photos below show the process.


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First thing to do is confirm the ProDVR has a V1.6 board (PCB) with the Chinese GM7150BC IC.

Open up your ProDVR and check the board. The PCB's silkscreen will be identified as (V1.6) in the upper left corner. Next confirm the PCB has a GM7150 chip. See photo below.


STOP now if your board is different than described here. There's no point in changing the chip if it already has the TI part on it.


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You'll need a TI TVP5150 chip. Avoid eBay and Chinese suppliers, get it from a reliable source. For example, mouser.com and digikey.com stocks it.

Use your hot air rework station and remove the old chip. This is not a task suitable for a beginner. Walk away now if you've never replaced a TQFP-32 chip before.

Here's the PCB after chip removal:



The Chinese chip has a bonding solder pad on the bottom side. The TI chip does not. So don't freak out when you notice this difference when you receive the replacement part. Everything is fine, proceed with confidence.

Install the new TI chip. The new part's footprint is slightly larger so bend the pins to fit. Here's the PCB after chip installation.


Clean off all the flux and do your usual microscope inspection. Don't apply power until you've thoroughly inspected each soldered pin.

The existing firmware will work as-is with the upgraded TI chip. But if you've never flashed your ProDVR then I suggest you do that soon. There is a recent firmware release that can be downloaded from the ProDVR catalog page at Banggood.

Done! Your DVR will no longer black out on weak FPV signals. Instead you'll see nice snowy images (or full snow) when the RF signal is poor.


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