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Hello everyone, first of all I present my name is CSL-Navas on the internet,

I bring you here a work that I have been doing for a long time to see many clones inspire I decided to make mine completely new with the ideas of others and some speizas ideas of mine many of them others new or improved, thanks to my idea Main was based thanks "DALE"

I hope you like it, and made 2 fully functional versions the two

1º version is with tubes of 16mm and 20mm, for something more simple with motors 920kv to 750kv with batteries of 3 to 4s and variadores 20 to 30a with the elevation without of servo 180 degrees that does not need end of races nor diodes only servo 180 degrees

2nd version is more worked but same pieces to print, tubes of 20mm and 25mm
Motors 350kv x4 and variadores 4in1, servo simple metal gear of 13kilos torque with elevator threaded rod like 3d printers, with 2 end of races and 2 diodes 1 plate arduino (this I could not prove arduino since I do not understand arduino) but A customer has done it and his dron with our chassis works

Here all the photos and I hope that the moderator of this forum can approve a space for this work, and that you can make improvements in if you want, I am going to contribute as much as possible on my part designs


separacion atras.jpg


Aqui el video de mi Inspire volando

Aqui con bleder

y aqui la subida y bajada de brazos 




separacion atras.jpg



E uploaded all the files ordered, for download with a direct link outside of internet advertisements or external pages with viruses, the files are uploaded to my main server you can download it here

Inspire v1 descargar

Remember if you need help you can write your question here

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