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PanCam Alternative Setup (Wired)

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The connection J1 (RC In) Pin 7 of the PIC12F509 is used for the input of the R/C RX CHNL. Is there perhaps an alternative method of rather using a variable resistor (POT) to connect to Pin 7, VCC and GND? Joy sticks are usually available with a 10k or 20k variable resistor. I will not need a R/C since I will be using this Pan Cam Project for a JIB Arm (Camera Crane) to control the Pan and Tilt operation and the distance is only 4 meters.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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I think that some 555 timer based servo signal emulators have unusual repetition rates that could affect PanCam's operation. For correct operation the servo pulse signal should be a standard 50Hz repetition rate (20mS period).

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