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We thought it'd be fun to take this opportunity to test more than one product at a time in this video. We've got new goggles to test, the Quanum Cyclops Diversity Goggles with a built in DVR which is very exciting, an action cam that deserves a second look, and a new brand of LiPo batteries to see how well they hold up! All of these things are bits of gear that could be used Daily in the hobby, so I'm very excited to see how it all turns out! As it turns out, the Goggles are AWESOME but the DVR needs some work. It looks NOTHING like what I'm actually seeing live. The action camera looks really great and is worth holding on to. The battery performed extremely well and I can't wait to keep flying on it!

Quanum Cyclops Diversity Goggles - https://goo.gl/cqdDnz

EKEN H9R Action Cam - https://goo.gl/cqdDnz

OVONIC Battery - http://bit.ly/2BGyjGJ


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