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For accurate measurements you need an oscilloscope with an analog bandwidth at least five times the measured signal bandwidth. NTSC and PAL video is about 5MHz, so the scope should be rated for 25MHz or higher bandwidth.

I use a TEK2445 analog scope that is 100MHz with TV Sync capabilities. But I've done it with a cheap digital scope that had about 1MHz bandwidth. The results were suitable for crude video signal level calibration.

If your main goal is to calibrate FPV composite video, then there is a low cost ($20 USD) DiY solution that is very accurate.


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Most of the details to the video signal are lost with a 1MHz scope. But in my experiment, the bottom of V-Sync and peak white amplitude were present, so a crude measurement was possible.

Don't purposely purchase a cheap digital scope if you intend to do video measurements. But if you already own it, then try this: First use it to observe a good (calibrated) NTSC or PAL video signal. If the 1Vpp amplitude measurement appears valid then you will have confidence that it can be used to measure/calibrate a bad video signal.

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