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Hardware quest: stereoscopic wireless cams

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Hi everybody,

I'm having a bottleneck issue:

I would like to put a 2 or 3 wireless camera set on my micro-heli.

The requirements that I am looking into are as follows:

- I want to be able to receive the signal on a pc for processing

- I'd like the system to be reasonnably portable on the Rx side, i.e. operating on batteries

- On the Tx side I'm looking into something that weights about 5-10g/20g max, power source excluded.

Now that is not something easy to source, but to reach the goal, I would be ready to splice this project in a few separate systems and try to integrate them.

Need your advice, seems there are a lot of experienced cam tweakers around here!

It's something feasible, there's someone who installed a 2 cmos cam on a homeflyer weighting below 100g batteries included, and it's flying! By itself...


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