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Newbie Introduction

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I'm just getting back into r/c and I'm building four planes as I write this (could this be an indication that I may have ADD? :o ).

Anyway, I followed CenTexFlyer over here, so, it's his fault I found this place. Also, I met someone last week who mentioned this place - I sold him an EZ 400 G.

So, here I am, ready to learn and hopefully someday I can contribute some worthwhile information.

Here's a brief introduction:

* I love flying wings (other planes are okay - stick fuselages make me puke - sorry)

* I love aerial photography

* I only use e-powered aircraft, however I am somewhat tolerant of the slimy, loud, horribly vibrating & terribly obnoxious i/c engine powered aircraft

* I'm 45

* I haven't flown in about 2 1/2 years

* I like ZZ Top, SRV, Skynyrd & . . . many others (this has gotta be important to a/p somehow :rolleyes: )

So, here's to getting to know everyone (raising my cup of chocolate milkshake).



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