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Hi all.

Was wondering if any of you had checked out either of these baby cams as a possible hack for on-board video? Just curious of what people thought of these...can you hack in new antennas easily...picture quality....range....etc?





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Hi Dee,

I think the baby cams would be hackable, however I think there are other, more hackable transmitters out there. The main reason I say this is because I don't see any directional antennas on the unit. One of the reasons that the xcam systems were so splendidly hackable is because the receiver was pretty well optimized right out of the box, with it's good sensitivity and directional patch. A couple of well chosen mods to the transmitter gave us a pretty neat little setup.

I would suggest that when you hunt around for hackable equipment, your best chances of success will come with a setup that has a receiver with directional antenna built in. Then focus on the qualities of the transmitter, like size and power consumption. If it comes with a CCD based camera, then give it bonus points!



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