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Real trouble for model airplaners

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Just found an article on aero-news.net. I will cut and paste it here since aero-news.net will have it bumped off by tomorrow morning with new stuff.


Top News

This Kind Of Thing Could Give RC Aviators A Bad Name

Mon, 23 Aug '04

Missouri Man Indicted For Threatening To Bomb Bush With Model Airplane

A southwest Missouri man is in big trouble for making dire threats with a little plane.

Darrell David Alford, 56, of Buffalo (MO), is accused of threatening to kill President George W. Bush by flying a radio-controlled model plane into an area where the president was recently speaking. The US Attorney's Office in Kansas City said the threat was made on August 4th.

Officials wouldn't comment beyond that. It wasn't immediately known just how Alford planned to use the RC aircraft to kill the president.

FMI: www.ustreas.gov/usss/index.shtml


This is not what RPVs, UAVs, and model airplane flyers need right now. I can't wait to hear what comes out of dave brown on this one.

Matt Klarich

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Sad. :(

I wonder if these guys really have such intentions, or if they just want to make trouble. There are thousands of ways to make trouble, if all of them were used once in that way we would not even be allowed to get out in the street anymore....

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From what I can tell, the news story never made it to the major newspapers in my area (if it did, then it was certainly not front page). I did not see anything on the TV news either. So, it does not seem to be getting any of the usual blown-out-of-proportion fanfare that it could have. Thank goodness.

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