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GB antenna question

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I will be making a new patch antenna using the GB antenna plans. Great guide! I opened my receiver from wirelessvideocameras.com and had a look at the original patch antenna. The antenna is connected with a short coax cable to the sardin-can. I wonder if I can just unsolder the old antenna and use the coax for the new one? The layout of the receiver makes it impossible to connect the antenna directly onto the receiver unit. I guess the new (larger) patch antenna will not change the impedance in the system?

What are your thoughts?

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If you are using 900 or 1.2Ghz equipment then it probably will not matter much. But, I'm really an anti-coax Zealot when it comes to 2.4Ghz gear. The coax that is usually installed is very lossy due to its dielectric. And, for some interesting standing wave loss data, you should check out Cyber-Flyers coax length experiments (found on his web site).

For best results, do what you can to eliminate the coax or minimize it. If that is not possible, then you gotta do what you gotta do.

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