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three potentiometer on the xcam TX

Guest jochen

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Guest jochen


i want to amplify my xcam2 TX. One posibility is the LINX amp. Unfortunately it´s almost impossible to get this parts in germany. Yesterday i saw three potentiometer on the backside of the transmitter. Do anybody of you know if one of this is used to adust the transmission power? I think the system is produced for all over the world, but in some areas are only limeted power is allowed and because of this i hope the potentiometers are for that purpose.

Thanks for your help


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I am also interested in a LINX amp. I live in Sweden, and I can't find anyone who trades this brand. Are there any similar amps (other brands) that can be used instead of LINX amp? Where can I find the datasheet on the LINX so I can compare data with the amps available in Sweden?

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