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I have a blackwidow system with audio and video transmitting. I also have a gps which sends data every second at baudrate 19200 with nmea or sirf protocol (ublox ms1-e). Is there any way to feed this information over the audio line? In the future I also want to add a speed, battery and an altimeter sensor.

I have a lolo loggger which i wonder if I could get to send out data and dont just save them for download. see file..



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Are you interested in a ready made unit like Tinytrak or building something yourself? I am not sure if there are any devices on the market that can do exactly what you want, but if you are able to program microcontrollers there is source code available online (search on google) that will generate APRS or similar FSK signals with your microcontroller and it can be fed through the audio of a transmitter and received by a computer with sound card.



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