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RFI Sniffer?

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Hi All,

I remember reading somewhere about an inexspensive "RFI Sniffer" that could be used to check the source and strength of RFI in our planes. If I remember correctly, it was originally for checking around microwaves to make sure we're not cooking the wrong hot dog. ;) I'm having some RFI problems with one of my planes with a new ignition and need to find out exactly what's going on and, thus, need the sniffer. Does anyone know where I can get an "affodable" sniffer?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Happy flying,

Jim Prouty

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I too was really curious how much RF power transmitters were really radiating, and looked around on ebay. For around $90 you can get a detector thas has a good gauge so you can see different power levels, but being a hobbyist I ordered a sample of a 3 ghz RF logarithmic detector IC from Analog Devices http://www.qsl.net/n9zia/wireless/appendixF.html#8 and they are very easy to hook up and you can use a digital voltmeter for displaying the power level and it requires almost no external components (just a stub of wire to input the RF).


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Slightly related to this sniffer question.. I made a sensor to hookup to my Tektronix scope.

The sensor was made from a small ferrite bead (cylinder shape) this was cut down it's length so I ended up with a 'U' shape channel. I wound as many turns of thin enameled copper wire as I could get in. this was connected to a short run of coax and fed through an old plastic pen body, bonded with araldite, terminated with a BNC plug.

When used with my scope it's very handy for sniffing out noise. my TDS3032 only goes upto 300MHz, but still fairly useful.



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