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CamManXP: Digital Camera Controller Project

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Announcing the latest RC-CAM CamMan Project. It's CamMan-XP!

The latest iteration of the CamMan family of camera controllers is for R/C'ers that are flying those fun and affordable HobbyZone R/C model e-airplanes. The larger models, that appear suitable for R/C aerial photography, are the Firebird Commander, Fighterbird, Aerobird Challenger, Aerobird Xtreme.

I'm hoping that this project introduces more folks to the R/C AP hobby. From the stack of HobbyZone models I see at the hobby store every Christmas, there has to be a zillion of them out there.

The project consists of a little circuit that monitors the HobbyZone's "X-Port" command signal and snaps a photo at the pilot's command. But the device is much more than just a simple signal decoder. Here is a summary:

  1. Will control the shutter on nearly any digital camera.
  2. Shutter activation by servo or electronic switching.
  3. Prevents lost photos due to camera's auto shut-off feature.
  4. Onboard 5 Volt regulator can be used for camera power.
  5. Optional Lost Model Alarm helps locate downed models.
  6. Optional remote on/off for model accessory control feature.
  7. Stand-Alone mode does not require an R/C system for aerial photos.
  8. All parts can be obtained from Digi-Key for just a few dollars.

For the full details to the CamMan-XP Project, just CLICK ME. Enjoy!


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