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Receiver Pinouts

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Any of you guys know where I can find the single pin/pad within a Futaba PPM receiver that would be carrying the data signal for all the 6 channels.

The receiver in question is an' R147F' on 35MHz.Within this unit is a Motorola MC3371D 16 pin chip,and I suspect what I need is on pin 9.

I would appreciate a'nudge'in the right direction before I fire up the old soldering iron!

Cheers Johnstorm.

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Pin 9 is the one. However, it might serve you better to use the signal after it has been waveshaped (just depends on what you are trying to do).

So, if you want a conditioned (filtered) signal, then grab it at the shift register's input. On CD4105 shift register based R/C decoders this is available on pin 7. Other shift registers will have a different pinout.

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