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Four Camera Switch?

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Hi All,

I remember reading about a camera switch that could have up to 4 camera inputs but I've searched the site and can't find any data on it. Does anyone remember where that information is at?

Thanks in advance,


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It sounds like it was mine. If I remember correctly I had posted the details on the old forum. Will do a little search and if I don't find I'll post again...

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Found it!


There were 2 solutions discussed there.

The zip for mine was a bit old though. Here is an updated version (Edit: URL as I can't upload a zip...)


Powering options:

- from a 12V video system: Fit N1 (78L05F 5V SMD voltage reg), but not J2.

- from a 5V video system: fit a jumper (0 Ohm resistor) between the left and right pads of N1 instead of the reg. Don't fit J2.

- from the R/C RX (4-cell only, never had the use of this option...) : Fit J2 but not N1.

J1 always has to be there to power the camera from the video system.

Send me a mail or PM to get the HEX and/or source code, and feel free to ask for any additional explanation.



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I have a 3 camera switch that I am building for blackwidow A/V right now. He should have a number of them by the end of this week for beta testing. Contact myself or Bill Strong at www.blackwidowav.com. I am going to design up some circuit boards with another chip that will allow for 4 or 5 cameras if so desired.

Is an onboard regulator a big deal for people? I have power passthrough right now so you have to regulate the power going to the camera before or after my switch board. The switchboard itself gets power from the R/C Receiver.

Matt Klarich

email: m1klarich at stoneflyers.com

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Thanks Kilrah! That's the one.

Matt, I'd be interested in beta testing as well. All of my cameras are 12V at the moment so I'd need to have an additional power supply.

Thanks again for all of the help :)


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