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Great website

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Hi to all,

I am writing this mail from the far far away :P:P .

First of all, I would like to give a special thanks to Mr RC-Cam. Your website is really great and it is all I would expect from Internet.....keep that direction you are right!!

I have discovered the R/C world few months ago and I really enjoyed it. But I thought from the start that it would be great if I had the possibility to install a video cam on my plane......I have searched on the web and I found your website......lucky boy I was not alone!!!!

Since that time, i have bought a system in switzerland and I will try it this week-end for the first time. I spend a lot of time reading all the things about antenna and so on and I am sure I will come back with a lot of questions.

Hope I will find my place in this community... :rolleyes:


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