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FCC Relocates Part of the 2.3Ghz Spectrum

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This text is from the ARRL's newsletter dated Oct-30-2004:


The FCC has acted to include the first five 5 megahertz of the 2390-2417

MHz Amateur Radio Service primary allocation among spectrum it's opened up

to accommodate federal users shifted from other bands. The spectrum

relocations, which also involved nonamateur spectrum at 2 GHz, are aimed

at making room for advanced wireless services (AWS), including so-called

"third-generation" (3G) wireless systems.

After voting unanimously October 14 to adopt a Seventh Report and Order

(R&O) in ET Docket 00-258 and WT Docket 02-8, the FCC called the action

"an important step towards the future auction of 90 MHz of spectrum for

AWS." The Commission said it worked with the US Department of Defense and

the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to

reallocate spectrum to allow for relocation of critical military and other

operations into the 2360 to 2395 MHz band.

The FCC says its action will make room available to shift federal

government aeronautical mobile flight test telemetry (AMT) operations from

the 1.7 GHz band to the 2.3 GHz band by extending the primary allocation

for AMT to include an additional 10 megahertz from 2385 to 2395 MHz.

"Making the additional spectrum available for non-federal AMT will

accommodate the higher data rates needed for non-federal flight testing,"

the FCC said.

The Commission similarly extended the existing secondary spectrum

allocations for federal and non-federal non-aeronautical mobile telemetry

operations in the 2360-2385 MHz band to include the 2385 to 2395 MHz band.

In addition, it extended the existing federal primary radiolocation and

secondary fixed allocations from 2360 to 2385 MHz to include 2385 to 2390


Last December, the ARRL announced that it had agreed in principle with the

Aerospace and Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council (AFTRCC) to develop

coordination procedures. The League told the FCC it could support Amateur

Radio sharing of 2390 to 2395 MHz on a co-primary basis with flight test

telemetry operations. But it has insisted that 2395 to 2400 MHz remain an

exclusive amateur primary allocation.

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So... are there any pretty pictures of the new spectrum plan for the numerically challenged? ;)


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