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Yesterday I spoke with the technical director of the 3rd Annual AUVSI student UAV Competition Mr. Mark Pilling of Eagan McAllister Associates, Inc (EMA) 47332 Eagan McAllister Ln. Lexington Park MD 1- 301-863-2192 ext. 2345 or 410-610-8472. http://www.bowheadsupport.com/paxweb/seafa...ers/default.htm

Mr. Pilling explained to me that Unlike the DARPA Grand Challenge of 2004 and now the upcoming 2005 that is open to any one that would like to participate. http://robotics.usc.edu/grandchallenge/pr/...ules_8oct04.pdf

The 3rd Annual AUVSI student UAV Competition is only open to universities and undergraduate students.

Mike Robinett and I have once again been batting around the idea of having a UAV/RPV meet for all of us that are working on UAVs and RPVs.

This event would be an open event that any one could attend even the universities and undergraduate students.

It would be an event for those of us that are working on UAVs and RPVs where we could display and fly our UAVs or RPVs.

Regardless of the type of UAV/ RPV be it fixed wing or rotary wing or even lighter than air.

What we would like to do here is get a consensus as to how many of you would be willing to attend such a meeting.

Our idea is that this event would be open to any one and every one that is involved with UAVs or RPVs.

Please post a yes or no reply so that we can get a feel for the numbers of you that are interested attending so that we can determine if there is enough interest in having a UAV / RPV meet and go forward with it.

Any one willing to help with this project can contact me at the numbers listed below we can use all the help that we can get.


Dave Jones



Phone: 1-941-723-9058

Cell: 1-941-238-8394

Fax: 1-941-723-3823

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