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I have got the enhanced PICALL PIC programmer and the belonging software. I need some basic info just to get started. I have problems finding a "PIC for dummies" kind of site. Any suggestion where to get such information? I have programmed the 8085 processor in microprocessor class back in -97,but I can't recall all that much and the user inviroment was quite different. (A suitcase with a keyboard!)


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Which are you asking (1) How do I "burn" a PIC?, or (2) How do I write my own PIC software?

If it is #1, then it is a matter of following the instructions for the programmer. That is, plug in programmer, choose the PIC type, load hex file for PIC, confirm that the Config Fuse settings match the author's recommendations, and then burn it. For RC-CAM projects, please see several FAQ's starting here: http://www.rc-cam.com/faq.htm#pic_chip

If it is #2, then a web search will bring up more info than you can shake a stick at. Here is a site that might get you started: http://www.mstracey.btinternet.co.uk/pictu...ial/picmain.htm

Hopefully more links will be posted by others that have traveled this path before you. ;)

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