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Not an Electronic project bu what the heck!

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Hi everybody !

I have been thinking so much of what type of airframe would be the best in my next project.

ARF is not an option.


It must be slow flying and inheritly stable in all three control axes, in order to be suitable for UAV/arial photography operation. Also it should be somewhat unusual in contrast to those boring Spits and Mustangs...

I have been thinking of the FI-156. It is supposed to fill my needs in having an unusual ability to fly slowly, it has many stories about it and it is also quite easy to model since it has not many compound surfaces.

However, it has a complicated landing gear and wing strut configuration but I really don't think it is that complicated after all.

I also have free daily acces to a full size FI-156, only 2 km's away.

Any feedback much apprecieated,


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