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PanCam / Continuous Rotation?

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Mr. RC-Cam.

Would you ever entertain the idea of re-writing the code of the PanCam chip to allow continuous rotation along with proportional speed? I can get factory modified C/R servos but the HEX code limits the rotation. Any way of extending these limits indefinitely?

Many thanks

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Perhaps the supplied link will help.

PanCam does have a mode that supports servos modified for continuous use. It is primitive, but might be what you are looking for.

As far as modifying the PanCam firmware for precise proportional speed with continuous rotation, I cannot see how I could do that. The feedback pot is usually disabled in these sort of servos (which is a big issue). PanCam's signal is allowed to go slightly past the usual 1.0mS to 2.0mS limits, so it does about all it can do.

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Hi Dian and any others interested.

Have just done the continuous rotation/speed control hack you suggested on a Futaba 3001. It works a treat and is just what I was looking for at this point - very easy and quick too.

One question: it now has a speed range from very SLOW to MEDIUM speed (compared to its original transit speed). Is there any way of increasing its speed range from very SLOW to FAST (as fast as it used to go)? Can I change the resistor / capacitor values in any way to do this?

Thanks again

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